Alternative Specialty Fats for Confectionery


The use of milk fat substitutes to replace animal source fat is on trend to meet the requirements of the production of various plant-based solutions. Milk fat substitutes are high-quality special fats used for partial or total replacement of milk fat in the industrial manufacture of combination butter, cream, fermented dairy products, cheese, sour cream, condensed milk, cream cheese, ice cream, as well as in baking and confectionery.


Different plant-based alternatives can be tailored to satisfy specific requirements of the market such as melting profile, texture, dairy flavor, aeration, structure, heat and oxidation stability, compatibility with other fats, and color. Whether for bakery, non-dairy, confectionery, or convenience foods, these plant-based solutions can provide specific functionalities for the right product performance.


IFFCO has developed a specialized portfolio of non-hydrogenated vegetable alternatives that can mimic the properties of the milk fat including tailor-made versions. BOS and MFR series provide sensory attributes and functionality similar to butter oil in different melting profiles for general replacement. DFR and FFT series are specifically designed for analogue cheese and ice cream products.



  • Bakery – Premium pastry, (i.e., croissants), cakes, and butter cookies.
  • Confectionery – Chocolate making, chocolate and cookie fillings, toffee and caramels, truffles, spreads.
  • Non-dairy – Combination butter, whipping cream, fermented dairy products, cheese, sour cream, condensed milk, cream cheese, ice cream, coffee creamers.
  • Convenience Foods – Butter replacer formulation, combined butter, and table spreads.


  • Plant-Based
  • Similar texture and melting to milk fat
  • Good flavor release and Special versions with similar flavor and color profile
  • Very stable to hydrolysis and rancid soapy taste
  • Cholesterol free
  • Non-hydrogenated and trans-free fats
  • Tailor-made

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