Alternative Specialty Fats for Confectionery


The use of partial hydrogenation process in the production of specialty fats has been a common practice in the industry to get specific functionalities and product attributes in the end product. Crystallization properties, melting profiles, and textures were frequently modified using hydrogenation process, however, the new regulations in most of the countries around the world have banned the use of partially hydrogenated fats due to the health adverse effects found.


An alternative process to modify the fats and to get similar properties to hydrogenated products has been introduced using mainly interesterification techniques. In the interesterification process the fatty acids in the triacylglycerol molecules of the fats can be rearranged in different positions or to be interchanged with the fatty acids of an additional triacylglycerols.


IFFCO has developed alternative Specialty fats using specialized interesterification process to meet the expectations of the market with products free of partially hydrogenated fats for bakery, confectionery, non-dairy, and frying applications. In confectionery applications, IFFCO has introduced new interesterified alternatives for chocolate compounds with different melting and texture profiles that can be used in different kinds of confectionery applications such as molding, coating, and fillings. These cocoa butter alternatives not only are free of partial hydrogenated fats but also have excellent crystallization properties and specific profiles to be used according to the type of application.

Interesterified Specialty Fats for Confectionery Applications
Interesterified Specialty Fats for Confectionery Applications
SCO 35-T2 in biscuits coatings
SCO 35-T2 in biscuits coatings


  • Good crystallization speed and gloss
  • No tempering process is required
  • Flexibility and plasticity for coating applications
  • Wide variety of melting profiles
  • Free of partial hydrogenated fats
  • Compatibility of 5-10% to cocoa butter

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